Kandahar Bound

Manhattan, Kansas, USA:

Tonight late (or early depending on how you look at it), my soldiers and I will hop on a flight bound for the big show. We will stop in Europe and Kyrgyzstan for undetermined layovers before stopping in Kandhar. The Platoon and I have spent the last few days packing and organizing last minute gear and rosters. There have been several briefings regarding the situation and the kinds of people we will be dealing with. The region is filled with two kinds of people: Farmers and Taliban. Our intent is to secure the former by hunting the latter. Also, we will liaise with the ANA (Afghan National Army) in order to help them generate their own protection. The Taliban in this area are interested in extortion and intimidation. They collect taxes and coerce the farmers into grow drugs by paying them more and by threatening them. It’s a bit like carrot and stick, but if the farmers don’t comply they use the stick for something other than vegetable retention.

This one is a short update, I expect to write another en-route. After that the updates will be as often as internet access allows. Until next time, faithful readers,

1LT Wm Treadway

2/A/4-4 Cavalry

2LT Jon Flores and myself at breakfast yesterday. For you military types, no bitching about my hands in pockets.

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