Dasvidaniya Rodina

Manas, Kyrgyzstan:

We made it to Asia. In terms of the weather, it is cold but not unpleasant when the wind stops. The architecture here is very reminiscent of Soviet style with the egg crate office buildings and Cyrillic lettering. The Kyrgyz (“Kergy”) are an interesting people who look very Asian. The base, Manas, was leased from the Kyrgyz government some years back as access to Afghanistan. The money from the lease helps them keep the Uzbeck dissidents at bay, though it seems they overplay the threat by consistently labeling peaceful protests as acts of terror. They even claim the group Jaish Al-Madhi (an Iraqi Shia insurgency group) was conducting counter-Kyrgyzstan operations. I would love to see an Iraqi of any religious denomination or political affiliation spend a winter here.

We got psyched out pretty good today. The Practical Joke Department (PJD) of the Air Force decided to have us palletize our bags and wait for a plane. And wait some more. And some more. Then tell us the flight was canceled due to maintenance in Kandahar. Boo. All that excitement and build-up to finally get in country let out with a sigh. We should fly soon, though it make take a few days. My soldiers have been cinching their gear down and squaring themselves away. If we get time, we will all go hit the gym tomorrow or at the very least run around Manas.

The next update I send will be from Afghanistan. Looking forward to getting into the fray. Staying 12 hours ahead, and until next time, faithful readers,

1LT Wm Treadway

2/A/4-4 Cavalry

SFC Rogers (Platoon Sergeant), helps SPC Barroga set up his plate carrier. PV2 Bisher goofs around.

SPC Barroga, my Designated Marksmen, sets up his M107 .50 Cal Sniper Rifle.

Apache Troop officers in front of a Kyrgyz mural. The mural includes a Kyrgyz horseman with his steed and falcon, along with the obligatory Soviet jets above.


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