1LT William Treadway was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He attended The Kinkaid School and graduated in 2005 spending most of his extracurricular time warming the bench for the football team. After high school, he entered The United States Military Academy at West Point, New York and finished in May of 2009, in the lower quartile. Not exactly the Dean’s list, but they call him “Sir” just like the high speed valedictorian.

With college in the rear view, the newly commissioned Army Officer moved to the Land of Good Bourbon where he was schooled at the Armor Officer Basic Course. Upon completion, he settled out in Kansas and took control of a Scout Platoon in April of 2010. The unit trained during the summer in the Mojave for a deployment to Iraq that never happened. He was sent the next January to Tigerland, again to train for an Iraq deployment. Five days in, they were told it wasn’t happening. Fourty-five days later he found himself and his platoon on a plane bound for Kandahar, Afghanistan.


1LT Wm Treadway

A Troop, 4-4 Cavalry, FOB Wilson

2nd Platoon

APO-AE 09370




The updates found on this site are reflective of personal experience and viewpoints and are not in any way intended as a directed conflict, reflection, or criticism of Army policy though at times my sarcastic stream of consciousness approach may make it seem that way. These are not press releases and are not meant to be used as such.


13 Responses to About

  1. Rahul Agrawal says:

    Mr. Treadway,

    Had dinner with Foulard and he directed me to your blog. Words can’t describe how appreciative and proud I am of your service to this great country. I hope you continue to conquer all adversity and challenges in life that God has put before you and that you come back home safely.

    Rahul Agrawal

    P.S. — You’re a fucking badass

  2. Chris says:


    What is your contact info?


    Fellow Houstonian inside the loop.

  3. Tony Schiozzi says:

    whiskey tango foxtrot,an officer with a pair of brass balls.keep up the report from the front and you and your men STAY SAFE god bless.
    Tony S.
    US Army 1966 to 1969
    retired NYPD Sgt.

  4. AS a fellow Texan how can we get your blog?

  5. Ralph Montelius says:

    USAF retired (72) support Adopt A Chaplin, currently Lt David Kim 1/5 Afghanistan. Would like to follow your blog.
    Thank you and God Bless.

  6. Hank Bourg says:

    Wow, so you are both a Kinkaid and USMA graduate. mmmh, I was a volunteer with Younglife at Kinkaid long before you set foot on the campus and ended my volunteer time with a group of Cadets at Westpoint. 6 degrees of separation…..

  7. LT Treadway,

    Michael Yon recommended your blog. As usual, he was “spot on.”

    James F. McClellan
    “Old Poop”
    Chief Operating Officer of the NEW “Cotton Valley” “N” Scale Railroad
    Editor/Publisher “Bug’s Bleat”
    > > > > > > > >
    God’s Bar of Soap – I John 1:9
    > > > > > > > >

  8. Bob G says:

    Yon just turned me on to your blog. Wow. You mentioned video posts, where could I find these? Tell your troops that the folks back home are proud of what they are doing and haven’t forgot. Praying for you every day.

  9. jimnftw says:

    Lt Treadway,
    I, too, just learned about you from Michael Yon’s blog. The Afghan heat you describe was real to me as I read your blog. (The temp hit 110 yesterday in my part of Texas, but nobody took a shot at me and I got 8 hours of sleep.) This USAF vet appreciates your service and the clarity with which you express yourself. Maybe I’ll see you at DFW and tell you so in person.
    My prayer: May today be a better day than yeserday was for you and your platoon.

  10. Frank says:

    Even though you are a WooPoo I am proud of you. Youngest son did two turns in Afg and one in Pak. Keep doing what you are doing and God bless you and your men.

  11. L Tull says:

    Yon recommends, and wisely, your blog.
    God bless your Texas balls and brains, and keep them, and your troops, all safe.

  12. Having served as a Huey pilot with the 4th ID in Vietnam, it’s refreshing to hear from someone who can shoot straight.

    Many Thanks!

  13. Larry O'Grady says:

    Yon recommends your blog and I can see why. A 23yr Army NCO and SF veteran of RVN here. Hoping you can keep me posted about the ‘sandy beaches’ of A’stan.

    Thanks, LT

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